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Sensimar Isla Cristina Palace Hotel SOCIAL POLICIES Isla Cristina, Huelva, Spain

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Hotel Sensimar 2018 - Isla Cristina, Huelva, Spain -
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Sensimar Isla Cristina Palace Hotel SOCIAL POLICIES

Hotel in Isla Cristina, Huelva, Spain


Our impact
The environment plays an important role at our hotels and resorts. The intact environments of our destinations; the clean beaches, the crystal
clear waters, pure air and healthy flora all contribute to making you feel comfortable at your house by the sea.

Our mission
SENSIMAR regards people and the environment very highly. We want our guests to feel at ease in every respect in their “hotel by the sea“.
An important aspect of this is nature that is intact in our holiday destinations: clean beaches, clear water, pure air, healthy woods and the
furtherance of cultural attributes.

We consider environmental protection and the use of local products and services to be an integral component of our success, as well as a
vital contribution towards the creation of a high quality offer. Furthermore, we are a responsible and important employer for the local people.
This is why we are constantly looking to improve our environmental activities and engagement. We aim at minimising the impact of our activity
on our most valuable asset. We ask each of our employees to actively contribute to our environmental dedication.

An open dialog
Much more than simply meeting environmental regulations, we pride ourselves in the environmental conscience of our staff, partners, guests
and the local population. We work openly with our partners in support of their contribution to the environment.

Our aims
The following aspects are particularly important to us:
- Create a sustainable offering
- Maximise the positive effects of our ecological and social business activitie
- Minimise the negative effects of our ecological and social business activities
- Protect the natural resources
- Use environmentally friendly technologies
- Adjust our offering to the regional characteristics
- Make regular sustainability reports
- Contribute to a sustainable development of the region

Through our proactive environmental care, we ensure that our guests can continue to experience the earth, as nature intended

Isla Cristina, April 1st, 2015