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Sensimar Isla Cristina Palace Hotel ENVIRONMENT POLICY Isla Cristina, Huelva, Spain

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Sensimar Isla Cristina Palace Hotel ENVIRONMENT POLICY

Hotel in Isla Cristina, Huelva, Spain


It is the policy of ISLA CRISTINA PALACE HOTEL & SPA ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of its processes, by fulfilling Quality Objectives set by the company and is also the satisfaction of our guests the only solid basis for sustainability and growth of the company.

In ISLA CRISTINA PALACE HOTEL & SPA, always looking to improve, we understand that our responsibility goes further and addresses issues relating to the environment, in addition to legislation, are governed our work with the following principles and commitments:

1.- With customers it is a primary objective of providing a service delivery level which is higher than that offered by the hotels in our category, getting him exceed the expectations of our customers satisfaction. 

2.- Create a work environment conducive to the promotion of quality and environmental protection training and motivating the staff in relation to these aspects and teamwork that allows professional and personal development of all its members and the achievement of the required quality.

3.- Working for continuous improvement, which is essential to keep together a spirit of continuous improvement. Systematize our quality management and environment by implementing procedures and work instructions that allow us to achieve our goals.

4.- Company Provide human and technical resources to ensure quality delivery of services with the established requirements.

5.- Ensure reviewing Management System continues through conducting internal quality audits, which allow a critical review and facilitate improvement.

6.- Use channels of communication within the company as tools that streamline the relationship and decision making across all levels of the organization.

7.- Implementation of a system of actions on environmental impacts on infrastructure, facilities and general supplies.

8.- Commitment to pollution prevention and compliance with applicable legal requirements and comprehensive control as part of environmental policy, to reduce the use of non-renewable energy and pollutants and the proper management of waste, promoting recycling.

This Integrated Policy provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives System and Environment maintain and review them in the pursuit of continuous improvement.
It is for this reason that the Department of ISLA CRISTINA PALACE HOTEL & SPA has decided to implement a system of Quality Management and MA, based on the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2008 and UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2004, engaging at all times to disseminate this policy among its staff, available to the public, and to provide the resources needed for the implementation of the management system.